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Colorado, A Fracking Mess

There does not seem to be a lot of agreed upon information about the effects of fracking.  A lurking culprit for this is the nondisclosure agreements signed between companies and individuals.  Because of this, it can be difficult to find information about any of the alleged harms of fracking, first-hand.

However, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Comission (COGCC) can help.  On the COGCC’s website is a database of the last 2,500 public fracking complaints.

The complaints, themselves, are kinda hidden.  The only way I know to access the database is by going to the COGCC’s homepage: http://cogcc.state.co.us/.  Then along the left-hand side menu click on “Complaints.”  After accessing the complaints page, scroll down to the bottom there is a link called entitled, “Complaint incident search tool.”  Click on that and you will be at the searchable database.

Colorado Fracking in Weld County - Photo taken by CoCommonlaw
Colorado Fracking in Weld County – Photo taken by cocommonlaw.com

What we don’t know about the effects of fracking can hurt us. There is still not agreement if fracking causes environmental harms such as: earthquakes, contaminated water, etc.  Until Colorado picks its head out of the shale and creates a public policy exception against non-disclosure agreements in environmental lawsuits, then society will never truly know what the harms are or are not from fracking.

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