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No Cruising Law

Driving down through Main Street in Longmont, Colorado, perceptive individuals will note the no cruising ban.  I thought the ban was interesting — I do not believe I have ever seen a “no cruising” law anywhere else. This is civil infraction allow permit a $125 minimum fine for a first offense, and $350 minimum fine if it is the third offense or more.  This ordinance can be quite the cash cow.

No Cruising Sign / Law Colorado
No Cruising Sign / Longmont, Colorado – photo taken by CoCommonlaw

I have probably driven by these signs thousands of times before.  Yesterday when I passed by one of the signs with a good friend, I had a thought: is the “no cruising” ban constitutional?  My initial thought was, no.  This really can’t be allowed, can it?

My friend staunchly defended it because of the “noise and the traffic.”  I thought don’t they already have noise and traffic laws?

In this blog post I will analyze the constitutionality of this fairly unusual law.

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