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For reasons unknown to me the Colorado state government chooses to promote LexisNexis as its official website for the Colorado Revised Statutes.  Unfortunately, to read the state law on LexisNexis’ site, one needs to sign a legally binding contract and give up legal rights in the process.  Furthermore, LexisNexis does not let you download the law, or make it easy to even copy and paste.  Colorado Common Law is publicizing the content and providing links to the OLLS Colorado Revised Statutes as a public service, and with OLLS’s consent.  The copyrights may still be enforced against others.

* Two versions of the Colorado Revised Statutes are provided by OLLS: .pdf and .rtf.   I find the PDF version is good to read on a mobile device like a tablet or a phone.  While the RTF allows one to search for key words (ctrl+F on a PC, not sure what the command is on a Mac) which can be really helpful.


Colorado Revised Statutes – 2014

Colorado Constitution

Title 1 – Elections

Title 2 – Legislative

Title 3 – United States

Title 4 – Uniform Commercial Code

Title 5 – Consumer Credit Code

Title 6 – Consumer and Commercial Affairs

Title 7 – Corporations and Associations

Title 8 – Labor and Industry

Title 9 – Safety – Industrial and Commercial

Title 10 – Insurance

Title 11 – Financial Institutions

Title 12 – Professions and Occupations

Title 13 – Courts and Court Procedure

Title 14 – Domestic Matters

Title 15 – Probate Trusts and Fiduciaries

Title 16 – Criminal Proceedings

Title 17 – Corrections

Title 18 – Criminal Code

Title 19 – Children’s Code

Title 20 – District Attorneys

Title 21 – State Public Defender

Title 22 – Education

Title 23 – Post-Secondary Education

Title 24 – Government – State

Title 25 – Health

Title 25.5 – Health Care Policy and Financing

Title 26 – Human Services Code

Title 27 – Behavioral Health

Title 28 – Military and Veterans

Title 29 – Government Local

Title 30 – Government County

Title 31 – Government Municipal

Title 32 – Special Districts

Title 33 – Parks and Wildlife

Title 34 – Mineral and Resources

Title 35 – Agriculture

Title 36 – Natural Resources – General

Title 37 – Water and Irrigation

Title 38 – Property – Real and Personal

Title 39 – Taxation

Title 40 – Utilities

Title 41 – Aeronautics – Aircraft and Airports

Title 42 – Vehicles and Traffic

Title 43 – Transportation


– This page and the information linked to are represented “as is.” By providing links, Colorado Common Law makes no representation of the accuracy to the Colorado Revised Statutes. In fact, this page will not host any information at all, but will solely provide a directory to the Colorado Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS) hosted version of the Colorado Revised Statutes (since the website is not held out to the public and no identifying information is provided on their website). Colorado Common Law claims no intellectual property interest at all in the Colorado Revised Statutes or any of the ancillary work product provided by OLLS. The entire 2006 Colorado Revised Statutes are copyrighted by the Committee for Legal Services, and “editorial work ancillary” to the 2013 Colorado Revised Statutes are copyrighted as well. Please note, the Committee of Legal Services copyrights are still valid, and to the best of my knowledge have not been waived or rescinded to the general public. So the state of Colorado may still enforce its copyright laws of the state statutes, if the use does not conform with the legal doctrine of “fair use” (but now you can read the state law for yourself). Colorado Common Law received written permission from OLLS to reproduce the Colorado Revised Statutes in its entirety, from OLLS’s semi-private website.

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